blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black 0.7ml

blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black 0.7ml

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Eyeliner peel technology invented by blinc, with the same great formula as blinc's original Liquid Eyeliner but now in a felt-tipped precision pen. blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black allows for versatile looks with its precision tipped pen and just like blinc mascara it will not clump, flake, fade, run or smudge even if you have oily skin, cry, sweat or rub your eyes. blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black is ideal for those with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, performers and active people in search of eyeliner whose look, hold and ease of removal is without compromise. Whether your daily activities take you from the office, to your workout and then out to dinner, blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen will look as good in the evening as it did when you first applied it in the morning. blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black does not penetrate your skin, leave any tint or residue behind or require harsh makeup removers. This makes blinc healthier for your surrounding eye area, since there is no need to r...

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